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Attention future students! From march 1st, 2018 the ITS group is about to offer a T-Kurs for foreign students who want to study mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, civil engineering or a similar natural science subject at universitiy. As of the beginning of march our Studienkolleg starts with an intensive course in the summer term 2018.

Preis3.450,00 EUR, inkl. MwSt.

Gruppenunterricht mit Fachdozenten

What is the T-Kurs?

In the Studienkolleg summer term 2018  the T-Kurs will be offered for foreign mechanical engineering, electrical engineering or civil engineering students and those of many more subject areas that comprise the subjects German, maths, physics and chemistry.

Starting and finishing when?

The Studienkolleg T-Kurs for the Sommersemester 2018 starts on March 1st, 2018 and ends on july 31st, 2018. Lessons also take place during holiday periods and public holidays. The weekly number of lessons covers 30 teaching units, in each case 45 minutes. The schedule per week is subdivided into 10 teaching units German, 8 teaching units each for maths and physics, plus 4 teaching units chemistry.The Studienkolleg T-Kurs, which is offered by the its GmbH consists of a total of 570 teaching units. The choice of subjects generally complies with the compulsory and examination subjects of the T-Kurs.

Which examination subjects are required for the Feststellungsprüfung (FSP)?

Feststellungsprüfung is the short form for "Prüfung zur Feststellung der Eignung ausländischer Studienbewerberinnen und Studienbewerber für die Aufnahme eines Studiums an Hochschulen in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland". In English terms ?Feststellungsprüfung? is an examination regarding the recognition of foreign students´ suitability for taking up studies at German universities.

Who can attend the course?

The requirements for the T-Kurs is a high school diploma, whicht entitles students to attend the Studienkolleg in accordance with the guideline of the Kultusministerkonferenz (KMK) as well as having provable German language skills on the B2 level according the common European framework of reference for languages.  About the course fees: The fees for the five month course amounts to 3.450 Euro including books.  What is happening at the final exam?: The final exam (FSP) consists of a writing part and an oral part. The examanition in writing will be taken in the subjects of German, maths and physics. Chemistry will be examined orally. This external examination will be executed by the NRW-Bezirksregierung in Cologne.

If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us during the week by phone on 0049 (0)203 29 86 70 30 or via email:contact@its-bildung.de

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